QuickStart Early Intervention Program

Quickstart early intervention program

The early years of development are a critical time period for every child to learn skills that will serve them throughout their lives. 

The QuickStart Early Intervention program (QEIP) is helping to provide early identification and caregiver-mediated interventions for toddlers up to 24 months of age who diagnosed with or who are showing signs of autism. This program is funded by our charity through donations and fundraisers and through in-kind support from Emerging Minds.  We receive no government funding.

QEIP began as a pilot project in 2012 and has been a great success.  Each year the program funds 36 children at a cost of $144,000.

QEIP families commit to weekly appointments and commit to spending at least 2 hours daily to apply the strategies they are learning during their everyday activities with their child. They also keep a log of interactions to measure progress.

The number of children and families is growing.  We want to continue to deliver this program.

However, we cannot do this without your support.  

Please consider making a donation today. Thank you making a difference!


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