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QuicksTart Programs

QuickStart — Early Intervention for Autism (QuickStart Autism) is a grassroots charity that began in Ottawa in 2008 by a grandmother who wanted to help children get early intervention and help families navigate how to get help. QuickStart Autism incorporated and became a registered charity in 2010.  

Realizing that Autism is expensive and wait-times are very long, often years, all QuickStart programs are offered at no cost to the family. We are not a government agency and we receive no government funding.  

As a way of giving back, Suzanne Jacobson (Founder & President) donates her time to operate QuickStart.

QuickStart offers

  • An evidence-based, clinical early intervention program for toddlers. This program is funded by our charity at $3,900 per child and approximately 36 children are accepted into our QuickStart Early Intervention Program each year. 
  • Workshops with leading experts.
  • Respite stays for parents at local hotels. QuickStart coordinates the stays and helps fund childcare while the parents are away. Between 30 and 40 stays are given each year. 
  • Sensory Santa, an opportunity for children to see Santa in a Sensory friendly environment.


We are making a difference!  You can too.  

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If you have any questions about our programs or if you'd like more information, please email info@quickstartautism.ca

We always appreciate your feedback on any of our programs. 

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