Justin Bieber tickets raise $6,500!

Published on January 1, 1975


Justin Bieber tickets raise $6,500 for Ottawa Autism Charity

Donated tickets from the Pop Superstar benefit Ottawa-based charity QuickStart - Early Intervention for Autism. 

OTTAWA, Ontario - There is one very happy young girl in Ottawa whose father placed the winning bid at one minute to midnight for two tickets plus a meet & greet with Justin Bieber for his Believe Tour Concert in Ottawa at Scotiabank Place on November 23rd.

Suzanne Jacobson, Director of QuickStart, was thrilled to find her charity the recipient of a generous donation from Justin Bieber and Ottawa's own Dan Kanter, Musical Director/Guitarist.  

The prize package also includes dinner for two at RARE Restaurant & Bar along with limousine service for the evening from Royalty Limousine Service.  PrizeMax.ca kindly set up and administered the online auction for QuickStart.

The winning bid: $6,500!

The winner of the auction, who bid anonymously, congratulated QuickStart on "the good work they are doing for early intervention and awareness for children with autism." Adding that he has "a number of friends with young children who have been diagnosed with autism." 

QuickStart Director, Suzanne Jacobson, was delighted with the auction and its outcome.   "We are very pleased with the success of the auction and are happy that so many people are interested in supporting the work we do at QuickStart.  Providing early intervention for children with autism gives them the best opportunity to reach their full potential. With current waiting times for the public system, children are waiting years for services and therapy, missing the all important window of early intervention. Thank you to the Ottawa community for making a difference for these children!"

QuickStart - Early Intervention for Autism is an Ottawa-based charity whose mission is to see that all children have equal opportunity to develop to their full potential through early intervention.  The charity was founded and is directed by Suzanne Jacobson, a grandmother of two young boys diagnosed with Autism.  With family members helping to pay privately for early intention therapies for the boys, QuickStart began because Suzanne wanted every child to have the same opportunity as her grandsons to reach their full potential.  QuickStart partners with local public and private agencies to offer services at no cost to the family.



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