Autumn Evening raises $44,800!

Published on October 20, 2019

Check out our Faces as Jennifer shows Carol Anne, Suzanne and Lawrence the grand total raised  at our 10th anniversary Autumn Evening for Autism - Wow - $44,800!


We were delighted to have Mrs. Susan le Jeune d'Allegeerscheque, the British High Commissioner, as our guest and our Patrons The Honourable Jim Munson and Mrs. Ginette Munson.


Our parent speaker Mrs. Amanda Messina spoke about how much her son, Alessio, benefited from our QuickStart Early Intervention program last year.

"The impact is so huge since last year. Our son said little to no words, he loved us but didn’t show much interest in us, or respond to his name, he didn’t know who Alessio was and all the other tell-tale signs. Today, he is talking, he knows his name, his birthday, how old he is, he can almost count to 50, sings, dances and amazes us everyday."

Thank you to our Sponsors: Raymond James, Kinaxis, ACT Learning Centre, Emerging Minds, MBC Group, Centrepointe Orthodontics and our Parent Sponsors.

Chef Blackie, the food was delicious! Thank you to Harley Davis from Chateau des Charmes. We enjoyed your award winning vintages. Thanks Riley Gilchrist (Aperitivo) for pairing the wines so beautifully.

Carol Anne Meehan and Lawrence Greenspon were superb as always.


Thank you to our Chair, Jennifer Cruickshank, and our volunteers. The evening ran seamlessly. Thanks also to Mementos Photography the photos are beautiful! And to Maria Mejia, thank you for designing our signage, programs, brochures, and more.

Check out all the fun everyone had and don't forget to mark your calendars for Thursday, October 15th, 2020 for our next Autumn Evening for Autism!

50/50 winner of $748! Congratulations!

Raffle prize winner of the 200 level suite at Canadian Tire Centre for 16 people. Congratulations Yvonne Bateman!

The evening!











































































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