Art for Autism 2018

Art for Autism 2018

2018-06-03 12:00pm - 2018-06-03 4:00pm
HMCS Bytown, 78 Lisgar Street, Ottawa

Join us at this year’s beautiful private venue - HMcs bytown for our 6th annual art for autism

browse and purchase pieces of artwork donated by Ottawa area artists and art collectors!

Sneak preview - check out some of the artwork below!  There's something for everyone with artwork starting at $25.

Private Venue:  HMCS Bytown

78 Lisgar Street, Ottawa (across from City Hall)

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

From noon to 4pm

Come join us for a glass of wine and nibble cheese while you browse the artwork. No entrance fee.

Sponsored by Centrepointe Orthodontics 

In support of QuickStart Early Intervention for Autism - supporting Ottawa area children with autism and their families.

Parking available onsite and on the street.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Liz Hrabowski  Liz Hrabowski

Liz Hrabowski

Liz Hrabowski  Liz Hrabowski

Liz Hrabowski

Barbara Szatanski  Barbara Szatanski

                                                Barbara Szatanski

 Marta Guilmette

Marta Guilmette

Frances Taylor  Frances Taylor

                                                     Frances Taylor

Gail Partriarche   Heather Munro

Gail Patriarche                                                         Heather Munro

Sam Park

Sam Park

James Henderson Boyd   Elanor Paine

James Hendersen Boyd                                           Eleanor Paine - scarf

Ellen Schowalter 2  Ellen Schowalter

                                                               Ellen Schowalter

Heather Bale  Heather Bale

                                                                Heather Bale

Guardian of the Soul

Genevieve Langlois

First Nations  Jaqui Blue McKay

First Nations raised beadwork scarf.            Jaqui Blue McKay

Keyhani   David Casey

M Keyhani                                                                David Casey

Charles Spratt  Cori Lee Marvin  

Charles Spratt                                                         Cori Lee Marvin

   Paul Dogra  Mary K

Pierrette Lavigne                                             Mary K

Laura Snyder  Laura Snyder

Laura Snyder

Robert G Kemp  Shirley Black

Robert G Kemp                                                          Shirley Black

Ruth Mcclinton  Ruth McClinton

Ruth McLinton                                                          Ruth McLinton

Ruth Mcclinton  Ruth Mcclinton

Ruth McLinton                                                        Ruth McLinton

Ruth Mcclinton  

Ruth McLinton

Sarah Mcclinton  Sarah Mcclinton

Sarah McLinton - Canterbury Highschool Student

My french garden Winter Sugar Shack

Liz Hrabowsky                                        Shirley Black

 Impressionist style street scene

Bel Angeles Joe Strasser

Bel Angeles                                                                         Joe Strasser

Frank Chester   Janet Tulloch

Frank Chester                                                            Janet Tulloch

Shlomo Katz   Unknown

Shlomo Katz

Ingrid Wogrinetz   Kelly Russell

Ingrid Wogrinetz                                                   Kelly Russell

Roland Pichet   Joseph Henri

Roland Pichet                                                           Joseph Henri

Gail Vaz-Oxlade Cecelia Taaffta

Gail Vaz-Oxlade                                                                    Cecelia Taaffe

 David Houlton   Katherine Jeans

David Houlton                                                       Katherine Jeans

 Cinderella   necklaces

Swavroski crystal                                            Created by Thank you India - exclusively for Quickstart Autism


John Shea   Coins

Julio Amaro





Marqy - East Timor


Renoir   shirley black

                                                                                    Shirley Black

Sue Butler  Beth van Wyngaarden

Sue Butler                                                                Hand made quilt by Beth van Wyngaarden


The Ten Plagues  Necklace

 Shlomo Katz

Ben Babelowsky  Trading Post in Winter

Ben Babelowsky

    Botanical Prints


    Hilda Woolnough

Angels for Autism   Thank you India

Angels for Autism                           Thank you India

 Patricia Fairhead  Patricia Fairhead

                                                                Patricia Fairhead


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