Early Start Denver Model

Early Start Denver Model

A study released in November 2010 shows that early intervention in toddlers with the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) showed significant results.

The Early Start Denver Model brings together the teaching of behavioral analysis with approaches based on developmental relationships, such as parent-child and teacher-pupil.

The model is new because it blends the discipline of behavior analysis with play-based routines as a way to build a relationship with the child with autism. The approach can start with children as young as 12 months old.

A small US study involving toddlers diagnosed with autism, some as as young as 18 months old, showed that intensive early intervention delivered by trained specialists and parents was very effective and improved IQ, social interaction and language ability.  Read more »

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Emerging Minds Our approach is formed by naturalistic behavioural, developmental, and social/relationship-based therapies.  We draw from a variety of evidence-based approaches and from a range of therapy disciplines (including psychology, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, behaviour analysis, and education). This therapy is based in the child's natural environment.  Emerging Minds also offers the Early Start Denver Model Therapy (ABA based) for very young children.
Email: info@emergingminds.ca 
Phone: 613.728.3808 

Aspire Academy uses the Early Start Denver Model (ABA based) to guide its intensive 1:1 program and group learning.  Aspire Beginnings is a 2:1 group learning environment ideal for children under the age of 6. It’s developmental model uses play to teach communication, social skills and more. This program helps children learn how to be successful in a classroom environment without losing the intensive 1:1 teaching used to acquire individualized goals.  Movement, art, music and outdoor activities create fun and engaging learning opportunities every day!
Email: academy@insideaspire.com 
Phone: 613-839-5605

Certified Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) provider, Rachael Riethman provides a range of ESDM services in Ottawa and throughout Ontario.
Rachael provides ESDM parent coaching for parents with children at risk of an autism diagnosis or already diagnosed with autism. This parent coaching program allows parents to utilize key teaching strategies of the ESDM in a naturalistic manner in their daily interactions with their child.
Rachael also trains therapists, develops intervention goals using the ESDM curriculum, and supervises programs and therapists in the ESDM. Contact Rachael at: connectingearly@gmail.com or by phone at 613-805-0373

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