Choosing an Autism Therapy


My Personal Experience

My grandson started with a private speech therapist a full half year before he was diagnosed.  It made sense to us: if he wasn't speaking, then he would need speech therapy, regardless of the diagnosis.  So why wait?

After he was diagnosed with autism, he was enrolled in private therapies while we waited for him to come to the top of the waiting list for IBI therapy through CHEO.

We also had a biomedical analysis done and found it to be helpful.

Each child is unique and you will have to decide which therapies you feel will work best for your child.

Types of Therapies

Many parents use a combination of therapies and interventions.

This site is intended to provide information for parents and families and does not endorse one therapy over another.  That choice is solely for the parent(s) to decide.


In 2019 the Ontario Autism Program funding was removed from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and now all service must be purchased by parents from private service providers. The autism industry remains unregulated.  click here for the lastest Ontario Autism Program information.


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