Applied Behavioural Analysis

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Since the early 1960s, hundreds of behaviour analysts have used positive reinforcement and other principles to build communication, play, social, academic, self-care, work, and community living skills and to reduce problem behaviours in learners with autism of all ages.  Some ABA techniques involve instruction that is directed by adults in a highly structured fashion, while others make use of the learner's natural interests and follow his or her initiations.  Still others teach skills in the context of ongoing activities.  All skills are broken down into small steps or components, and learners are provided many repeat opportunities to learn and practice skills in a variety of settings, with abundant positive reinforcement.  The goals of intervention as well as the specific types of instructions and reinforcers used are customized to the strengths and needs of the individual learner.  Performance is measured continuously by direct observation, and intervention is modified if the data shows that the learner is not making satisfactory progress.

Regardless of the age of the learner with autism, the goal of ABA intervention is to enable him to function as independently and successfully as possible in a variety of environments.
(Information from Autism Speaks)

Private Ottawa Programs 

Please be aware that private therapy providers are not regulated in the Province of Ontario.  Make sure to ask about the background and qualifications of the person operating the business and about the qualifications that are required for their therapists.  The therapy centre must have a psychologist overseeing the child's program.

No private service provider should pressure a parent into signing a contract, they should give you time to go away and decide.  You may want to take the contract you are being asked to sign to a lawyer before signing it.  It is best to check with several private service care providers before deciding which will be best for your child.

Emerging Minds - Our approach is formed by naturalistic behavioural, developmental, and social/relationship-based therapies.  We draw from a variety of evidence-based approaches and from a range of therapy disciplines (including psychology, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, behaviour analysis, and education). This therapy is based in the child's natural environment.  Emerging Minds also offers the Early Start Denver Model Therapy (ABA based) for very young children.
Phone: 613.728.3808 

Fundamentals:  Child Behaviour Solutions - Our associates at Fundamentals aspire to improve the quality of life for children and their families. We offer psycho-educational and diagnostic assessment services, as well as behavioural intervention for children with a wide-range of exceptionalities. Our experienced mental health professionals collaborate with families and utilize evidence-based principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis to tailor individualized treatment solutions. Click here for contact information.

Aspire Academy Aspire Academy’s Intensive Teaching program is a great way to begin your child’s ABA experience. This one-on-one intensive program targets skills across all areas of development in a child-friendly environment. Through individualized programs, our educators focus on teaching language and other comprehensive ABA goals, while incorporating outdoor experiential learning, art and music.  
Phone: 613.839.5605 

Spectrum Intervention Group's primary objective is to provide care and direct instruction, using ABA principles and procedures, to children with ASD, in order to increase their cognitive and social abilities in the home, school and community.  This is a center based therapy.

ACT Learning Centre provides ABA, SLP, PT and OT services to children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Located in St. Laurent area and services are all provided in English and French.
Phone: 613-558-0980

Terrace Wellness Group at the Terrace Wellness Group in south Kanata. ABA therapy is provided in English and French. In-home, in-centre, and in-school are provided.
Phone: 613.831.1105

ABC Pediatric Therapies is a warm, inviting and bilingual multidisciplinary therapy clinic located in Orleans.

ABA Connections - Anna Sadler (BA, MSW, RSW) Nepean. Offering ABA Therapy, Behavioural Consulations, Social Groups, Skill Development, Social Work, Classroom Integration. 
Phone: 613.224.8476 

ABA Services Ottawa - Run by Anita Stapert who has 8 years of experience working with children with autism between the ages of 2 and 18. ABA services can implement an ABA/IBI program, assist in implementing goals, and also train your therapists and team. For more information call 613-218-7225. 

ABCommunication Speech Therapy Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic in Orleans, Ontario, providing bilingual (French and English) services in the following areas: speech-language pathology, paediatric physiotherapy, occupational therapy and applied behaviour analysis (ABA behavioural therapists and consultants). We offer therapy sessions in various settings (in home, in clinic or childcare centres). 
Phone: 613.552.0841

ASPEN Autism Services In home bilingual behaviour therapy services. ASPEN's mission is to provide affordable and high-quality in-home ABA/IBI (Applied Behaviour Analysis/Intensive Behavioural Intervention) therapy services for children, youth, and young adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and/or other special needs. Click here for their contact information.

The Portia Learning Centre uses a inter-disciplinary approach in providing services for individuals with autism, developmental delays and disorders. Clinics in West and East Ottawa.

Nancy Baker - Child care consultation and senior therapist. For children aged 1-12. In home consultation in the areas of behaviour skills training, social skills training and parent training. Senior therapists for home based IBI program. Consultation and program plans to teach implementation of ABA and IBI principles. The services is for both parents and therapists in the home.
Phone: 819.459.1524

Christine Gougeon - Consultant for families of children with ASD, implementing ABA and simulation integration-based strategies.
Phone: 613.836.8187


On April 1st, 2021, Minister Todd Smith will announce a new Ontario Autism Program with the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services  - click here for more information.


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