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The information contained on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement of a particular treatment, agency, service or specific professional.  Consumers should carefully examine the services and qualifications of the agencies or service providers prior to making a decision.

Speech Language Pathologists:

Felicity Lof, B.Ed., M.Sc, S-LP(C), Reg CASLPO. Provides SLP services for all of Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean, Barrhaven and Stittsville in-home and virtually. Felicity sees children from 13 months and up.

Shauna Haight (Ottawa Speech and Language Therapy) Speech Language Pathologist, Nepean slpshaight@yahoo.ca 613.228.1174 ext. 129 or 613-513-5764 (please leave a voice message)

Melissa Reed - Speech-Language Pathologist - Speech and language services for all ages in the Ottawa area melreed.slp@gmail.com phone 403.618.9986

Connie Wilker - Speech Language Pathologist, Nepean 613.228.1174 ext. 43 or 613-203-7567 conniewilker@icloud.com

Jacqueline Glance Speech/Language Pathologist (The Speech & Language Learning Centre) Glancej@rogers.com 613.798.5404 or 613.818.1694

Karen Mallet Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist. malletume@gmail.com 613.851.4133

Lisa Roberts Chamberlin (The Speech People) Clinic for Speech, Language and Voice in Orleans lisa@thespeechpeople.ca  613.824.1800

Seana Speirs, SLP. Specializes in services for toddlers with at-risk signs of autism. Also provides therapy for preschoolers to school-aged children with any speech and language delays as well as social / pragmatic delays. seana@westboroslp.ca 613.850.1201 

Sharon Burgess, M.Sc.S. (ABCommunication Speech Therapy Clinic) French Orthophoniste. 613-834-2229 sharon.burgess@abcommunication.org

Mary-Anne Zubrycky (The Speech Voice & Language Clinic) svlc@sympatico.ca 613.820.4722

Tanis Friesen (Active Communication Therapy)  Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist. 613.728.8879

Veronica Saunders - Speech-Language Pathologist, Pembrooke vsaunders2003@gmail.com 613.585.3586

Lisa Zanon zanonlisa@hotmail.com 613.851.0506

Emma Wells, (Nepean) Works evenings and weekends. wells.emmaj@gmail.com 613.228.1174 ext 31

Jackie Wilde - Speech-Language Pathologist - Orleans - English only - eastottawaslp@yahoo.ca - 613-806-4178

Lauren Barlow - Speech-Language Pathologist - Virtual Speech Ontario - https://www.virtualspeechontario.com/ 

Brigitte Dobrzanski - Speech-Language Pathologist - Bilingual services for all ages in the Ottawa area - (www.keytospeech.ca) brigitte@keytospeech.ca - 613-986-4218 


diagnostic assessments: Private Psychologists Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Yolanda Korneluk and her associates (Emerging Minds) Children from 12 months. Prioritizes toddlers and has expertise in assessing girls. (Girls present differently than boys) dladisa@emergingminds.ca 613.728.3808

Dr. Laura Hanson (Kanata Psychology and Counsellinghanson@kanatapsychology.com (ages 18 months to 18 years) 613.435.2729

Dr. Faizah Visram (Delta Psychology Group) Pre-schoolers, children, adolescents and families. info@deltapsychology.ca 613.791.7865

Dr. Jenny Demark (Fundamentals:Child Behaviour SolutionsJenny@ChildSolutions.ca 613.222.5098 (ages 18 months to 16 years) Currently not accepting new clients as of September 2021.

Dr. Isabelle Lussier info@isabellelussier.ca (613) 869-6840‬ (24 months and up)

Dr. Patricia Behnke (Delta Psychology Groupinfo@deltapsychology.ca 613.563.1632 Dr. Behnke currently accepting referrals for assessments for toddlers, pre-schoolers, children and adolescents.

Dr. Linda Reinstein (Child Solutions) Email is preferred for initial contact. linda@childsolutions.ca  613.240.9190

Dr. James Brazeau (downtown) Children 5+, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. jamesbrazeau@me.com 613.854.9694

Dr. Alex Nounopoulos (Ottawa West Professional Services) Provides psycho-educational assessments to children and adolescents to evaluate strengths and challenges related to learning and behavioural differences. dr.alexnoun@gmail.com 613.695.0906. Currently taking new clients for assessments.

Pediatrician (OHIP) Diagnostic assessments for children.  Doctor referral required.

Dr. Derek Rajakumar (toddlers)
Ottawa University
Phone: 613.564.3950
Dr. Najat Sasani (English and Arabic)
5307 Canotek Road, Ottawa
Phone:  613.745.1999
Dr. Elham Farhadi (16 months+)
550 Terminal Avenue
Ottawa, ON  K1G 0Z3
Phone:  613.731.2244
Dr. Christianah Owoeye (18 months and over)
Precision Medical Centre (Barrhaven - Longfields Drive) Tel: 1-613-440-7762 Fax: 1-855-515-6112 (Referrals by fax and they call the patients for appointments

email: info@precisionmedic.ca   

Behavioural Consultants: 

Cindy Thompson, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) (Behaviour Management Consulting www.behaviourmc.com) Bilingual (French and English) Cindy provides coaching to parents of children (2 to 17 years)to help build new skills and reduce interfering or inappropriate behaviours.  Individualized plans.  Services based on the principles of applied behaviour analysis (ABA).  Contact: contact@behaviourmc.com 613-720-7245

Gianna Colizza (Emerging Minds) Special Needs Education and Behaviour Consultant. Gianna will be offering anxiety counselling, behaviour support and educational support. Contact her administrative assistant, Jennifer Mackintosh, at 613-883-3716 or jmackintosh@emergingminds.ca.

Conrad Leung (Child SolutionsConrad@ChildSolutions.ca  613.222.9573

Mary Champagne (Emerging Minds) mackintosh@emergingminds.ca 613.883.3716 

Elaine Bissonnette (Building Blocks) Youth behavioural consultant.  Elaine offers Social Skills Groups and the PEERS UCLA Program.  Contact Elizabeth Todd for an intake form. ebissonn@magma.ca 613.722.4374

Sylvia Cozato (Success in Steps) Providing parents with effective strategies to help them overcome their child's challenges and behaviours.  sylviacorzato@successinsteps.ca

Matthew Derkach (Horizons Behaviour Consulting) Board Certified Behaviour Analyst mderkach@horizonsbehaviourconsulting.com 613-601-3911


Dr. Elizabeth Esmond, BCBA, MTA, MT-BC, MM, Msc (by doctor referral) 613.739.8388

Occupational Therapists:

Krista Simon (Achieve Therapy Centre) Speech & Occupational Therapist. info@achievetherapycentre.com  613.680.1780

Véronique Chiasson OT REG. (Emerging Minds) Bilingual. fhopley@emergingminds.ca (assistant Francine) 613-790-0241

Lori Howell OT Reg. (Ont.), (Lori Howell, OT & Associates) Feeding and sensory speciailist. Home and clinic assessment. lori.howell@rogers.com Phone: 613-260-2847 ext. 1

Heather Hodgins-Chan (Pediatric Physio and Occupational Therapy) located in Kanata, Ontario. heatheroccupationaltherapy@gmail.com 613.831.2377

Marie-Christine Beshay, MSc. (OT Post-Professional), OT Reg. (Ont.), OT (C). (M-CARE Therapy) Offers bilingual occupational therapy services to both children and adults with learning, developmental and/or motor disabilities. info@mcaretherapy.com 613.627.0654

Nathalie Mabon (Achieve Therapy Centre) Occupation Therapy. info@achievetherapycentre.com 613.864.3111

Valerie Delbeq (Emerging Minds) Valérie est une orthophoniste francophone qui évalue et intervient auprès des enfants d'âge préscolaire et scolaire ayant des troubles de la communication variés. Elle travaille étroitement avec ses clients et leur famille et a un intérêt particulier pour les enfants atteints d'un trouble du spectre de l'autisme. Valérie aura des heures de cliniques au bureau d'Emerging Minds de l'est d'Ottawa dès novembre  5450 Canotek, Unité 68. orthoval@hotmail.com 613.558.0848

Jessica Norris (Sprout Occupational Therapy) - A pediatric occupational therapist servicing Ottawa, Kanata, Barrhaven, Stittsville, Carleton Place and Almonte. Jessica has 10 years of experience working with children - in their home, school, and hospital environment. jessica@sproutot.com 613.299.6939

Pediatric Therapy Ottawa - providing occupational therapist services. info@pediatricphysio.com 613.831.2377

Physio Therapists:

Liane Norman (Pediatric Physio and Occupational Therapy) Located in Kanata and Orleans. info@pediatricphysioandot.com  613.831.2377

other private professionals in Ottawa, Ontario

Private Therapist:

Heather Fawcett Provides counselling for teens, adults and their families and help with transitions to adulthood. Email: hfawcett@emergingminds.ca  Phone: 613.728.3808

Sensory Integration:

Kathleen Rooney (Therapeutic Education)- Kathleen Rooney has a Master's in Special Education, a Bachelor's in Music Therapy and completed a 6 month internship in Sensory Integration at the Center for Neurodevelopmental Studies in Phoenix, Arizona, and 22 years experience working with children with special needs. Located in Sandy Hill kathleen@kathleenrooney.ca 613.789.1212 

Education Consultant:

Gianna Colizza (Emerging Minds) Special Needs Education and Behaviour Consultant. Gianna will be offering anxiety counselling, behaviour support and educational support. Contact her administrative assistant, Jennifer Mackintosh, at 613-883-3716 or jmackintosh@emergingminds.ca.

Monika Ferenczy, BA, BEd, MEd. Bilingual. (Horizon) Helping parents make informed decisions in educational matters. monika@horizoned.ca 613.612.6842

Education Advocacy and Strategist for Children:

Kristen Robertson-Grewal, M.A. Education.  (Advantage Advocacy Inc.) admin@advantageadvocacyinc.com  613.714.9321


Ottawa Directory of Autism Services - July 2017 - Autism resources compiled by a local parent for all ages.

Baby Bumblebee Language DVDs for non-verbal children, children with a limited vocabulary and children who are learning concepts such as questions,numbers, opposites and the alphabet.



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