Suggestions/Tips for Grandparents

Suggestions/Tips for Grandparents

  1. Provide unconditional love for this child.
  2. Eye contact might not happen.
  3. Hugs and kisses can cause sensory overload for some children.
  4. Many children are on a restrictive diet, help your grandchild by sticking to their diet
  5. Praise works not punishment.
  6. Put away breakables during visits.
  7. Some children are runners-make sure all doors are secured.
  8. Transitions are hard-provide either verbal or visual schedules to make transitioning easier.
  9. When talking-use two or three words.  If you need to repeat what you said, don't change the order of the words.
  10. Make sure you have your grandchild's attention before you speak to them.
  11. Ask the parents what you can do to support the family.
  12. Permit yourself time to go through the same grieving process as your child.  You may grieve twice, once for your child and once for your grandchild
  13. Seek current and accurate information about autism.
  14. Be a good listener for your daughter/son. 
  15. Reassure the parents that you are available should they need you, then allow them some time to come to you.
  16. Be honest if you are uncomfortable interacting with your grandchild.  Your grandchild may be stressful to supervise. Admit when emotions are frazzled.
  17. If possible, be a part of your grandchild's development.  If you live nearby, offer to accompany the child to therapy and learn techniques that are a part of your grandchild's treatment.
  18. Remain involved as your grandchild matures.  Discover that he/she has a unique personality beyond the diagnosis.
  19. Celebrate your grandchild's accomplishments and appreciate the changes, big or small.
  20. Show equal concern for each of your grandchildren if you have more than one.
  21. Paying for private therapy is expensive.  The average cost is $80,000 each year.  If you can, help out financially with your grandchild's private therapy expenses.  It will be the best present you'll ever give him/her.

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