Autism on the Hill

Autism on the Hill

QuickStart held our first Autism on the Hill in 2013. 

Each year Autism on the Hill is held around World Autism Awareness Day, April 2nd**.  We invite our Members of Parliament and our Senators to attend and show their support for people with autism and their families.  

This rally is held each year on Parliament Hill.

FACES OF AUTISM BANNER:  Our Faces of Autism banner, featuring the beautiful faces of people with autism from across Canada, is on display each year.  Each year our banner grows. In 2018 we had 3 banners! 

From December to end January we invite people with autism or their caregivers to submit high resolution photos for our Faces of Autism banner.  

To send a photo click here.

We invite everyone to come down to Parliament Hill at noon to show your support for people with autism.**

For more information and to see photos and our Faces of Autism banners go to our website

**Please note the date for Autism on the Hill changes each year due to it being held while the House and the Senate are sitting.  This means  Autism on the Hill can be as early as the last week of March or be held well into April.

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