Affiliations and Timeline


Suzanne was a member of the Special Needs Strategy Reference Group for Ontario - 2014-2016. (MCYS)

QuickStart Early Intervention for Autism is a member of Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance (CASDA).  



June 5th: The government of Nova Scotia announces a $2 million investment in QuickStart Nova Scotia, replicating our QuickStart Early Intervention Program. Emerging Minds and QuickStart train the Nova Scotia teams and the first child in the QuickStart Nova Scotia program is seen the last week of May!  Now children, 3 and under, will receive our innovative and evidence-based early intervention program.

February: Suzanne receives Senate of Canada 150 Medal in The Senate of Canada by The Honourable Wanda Thomas Bernard, Senator.


November: Suzanne receives The Senate of Canada 150 Medal in The Senate of Canada by The Honourable Jim Munson, Senator.


Our QuickStart Early Intervention program (formerly KickStart) has now had the data collected for the past 5 years analized and it showing 'clinically significant' results.

$533 million (a $200 million increase) is announced by the Minister of Children and Youth Services to begin implementing a new Ontario Autism Program.  

Suzanne steps down from the CASDA Board.


 Here's what we were able to do in 2016 thanks to our supporters!  
  • We funded 36 toddlers in our leading edge KickStart program at $4,000 per child ($144,000) all at no cost to the family
  • We funded 36 diagnostic assessments shortening wait-times for services by upwards of 18 months ($21,600)
  • We funded 30 parents for a one or two night respite stays at local hotels, including childcare funding for while they were away ($12,000)
  • We hold free workshops for parents (we’ll be offering two this year)
  • We held our Sensory Santa in six local malls providing an opportunity for children on the spectrum to see Santa, many for the first time (350 children saw Santa)
 Thank you for making a difference for the children and their families.
February - Ontartio Budget announcement of $333 million for a new Ontario Autism Program.  


  • The KickStart  team is accepted to present our KickStart program at the Ontario Association of Children’s Rehabilitation Services (OACRS) conference in Toronto in November.  This conference brings together all the Children's Treatment Centres across Ontario together.  
  • QuickStart and the KickStart team present at the 1st Canadian Autism Leadership Summit held in Ottawa in March.
  • Suzanne becomes a Director on the Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance (CASDA) Board.
  • Suzanne helped to implement and organize the first CASDA Canadian ASD Leadership Summit bringing over 150 autism leaders from across Canada together.
  • Autism on the Hill took place on Parliament Hill with our Faces of Autism banner spanning 12' and showing over 160 Canadian faces of autism.


  • Suzanne accepts a request from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to sit on the Reference Group for the Special Needs Strategy in Ontario.  Four Ontario Ministries are working together to create a seamless system of care for special needs children in Ontario.
  • Suzanne presents with the United Families of Eastern Ontario to the Ontario Select Committee on Developmental Services empathizing the need for services to begin right at the first signs of autism.  


  • Suzanne is the guest speaker at the Ontario Women's Council in Toronto.
  • Suzanne has the opportunity to meet with Premier Wynn and with the Minister of Children and Youth Services to speak about early identification and early intervention for children with autism.  Suzanne also briefs the Autism Unit in Toronto on QuickStart's findings and what parents are telling us.
  • QuickStart is awarded the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Healthy Kids Award for Innovation and Reseach for our contribution to the health of children and youth.
  • QuickStart is awared the first Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre Foundation Leadership Donor Award (over $300,000 donated by QuickStart in 5 years)
  • 1st Autism on the Hill held by QuickStart on Parliament Hill.
  • Suzanne accepts request to sit on the Board of the United Families of Eastern Ontario representing children with autism.


  • KickStart pilot program begins.  This new program is for children 30 months and under and provides up to a year of individualized services.  The service provider is Emerging Minds.  The parent coaching program is based on the Early Start Denver Model.  There is no cost to the family for the 4/5 month individualized program.
  • Suzanne is awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal by Senator Jim Munson.
  • The Wee Start Clinic begins at the Ottawa Children' Treatment Centre, focusing on children 21 months and under.  It is based on the Getting Started Services Clinic model.
  • QuickStart offers our first workshop in the Principle of Effective Intervention.  Forty parents and caregivers attend this two-day workshop at no cost.


  • Suzanne is awarded the 'Difference Maker's Award' by the Andrew Fleck Centre, given to organizations and individuals who have made a significant difference in the lives of children and families, as well as for their vision, commitment, and insight that make a valuable difference.
  • QuickStart begins a new respite program called ReFresh ReStart.  Parents are offered a one or two night stay at local hotels and receive funding for their childcare while they are away.  In our first year, 31 stays are provided.


  • QuickStart Incorporates as a Not-for-Profit and becomes a Canadian Registered Charity.
  • Suzanne Jacobson presents at the Subcommittee on Neurological Disease
  • Suzanne receives the Agent of Change Medallion from Mayor Larry O’Brien for her work with QuickStart.


  • Senator Jim Munson asks Suzanne to be the keynote speaker at his World Autism Awareness event on Parliament Hill.
  • Suzanne is invited in November, 2009 to speak at the Ontario Association of Children’s Rehabilitation Services (OACRS) conference in Toronto where children’s treatment centers from Eastern Ontario were introduced to this new pre-diagnosis clinic model.  
  • Suzanne is asked to be the Eastern Ontario representative for Autism Parents Talking (APTalk).  ApTalk provided parents with a virtual opportunity to relate their experiences with our Provincial autism programs directly to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  
  • Suzanne writes letter of recommendation for the ACT EARLY AUTISM PROJECT (published 2011) 


  • QuickStart forms a unique partnership with the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre to establish the first pre-diagnosis clinic in Canada called Getting Started Services, creating, for the first time, the opportunity for children and their families to receive services prior to a diagnosis.  The Clinic sees over 300 children each year.  

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